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The Bill Wyman Documentary

“The Quiet One”: I thought it was me. I have a hard time watching television alone. If Felice is there with me it’s no problem, but if it’s just me in front of the screen my mind drifts and I usually turn it off. I’d been trying to watch the third episode of “The […]


There’s just not that much money in it anymore. I wish the problem was streaming, I wish there was a single oppressor keeping players from scraping by. But there’s not. Times have changed, the cultural landscape is so different that anyone from the pre-internet era would not be able to fathom the business. Anyone who […]


Subject: my Charlie Watts story While I was a college music student in the mid 1970s I had a summer job as record clerk at a Sam Goody record store in midtown Manhattan.  My job was to keep the shelves and racks of LPs, cassettes and 8-tracks organized and to assist shoppers in finding what […]

John Hall-This Week’s Podcast

John Hall had hit records with his band Orleans, was voted Ski Instructor of the Year at Hunter Mountain, and ultimately was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for two terms…and in between he was one of the driving forces behind No Nukes! We discuss John’s activism as well as his musical history, how […]