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America At The Ace

It was joyous! The seventies get a bad rap. The era is seen as one of excess, as opposed to the progenitor era of the sixties, where the Beatles caused a revolution and the album became a statement and… If you went to a gig in the sixties, the sound was often bad, frequently the […]


Lebanon Strasburg turned me on to this. That’s right, now promoters give you the tips. They see everything, they know what’s reacting or not, whereas record company people hype you on their wares. This is what Don said: “You heard J.S. Ondara yet? Check track called Lebanon. There is hope” So I did, Don’s right, […]

Andy Somers-This Week’s Podcast

And now the seller’s view. Andy Somers is an agent at APA, he works with acts as disparate as Social Distortion and Brian Wilson. Hear what it’s like to find your own way, becoming a manager and starving, going back to being an agent. Andy’s a good guy who’s endured, and even better, he’s a […]

Emotions Trump Facts

This is what the elites don’t understand. They keep trotting out facts and figures, as if they matter, but to the masses they don’t, it’s all about how they FEEL! It’s as simple as Trump calling Hillary a “nasty” woman. That confounded Democrats who were familiar with the lady and her education and experience. But […]