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The Peter Grant Book-2

This is a terrible book. But I finished it anyway. You see I was there. When the Beatles broke, when FM radio ruled, when Led Zeppelin sold out stadiums and musicians were independent thinkers as rich as anybody in America. But those days are in the rearview mirror. There’s a music business, that’s for sure. […]


Supreme | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix I heard about it from Mike Caren. And after our conversation I was driving down Fairfax and saw the line in the middle of the afternoon, on a weekday! Is there anybody who doesn’t have a Netflix account, or access to one? Seems that there’s little […]

The Peter Grant Book-1

He came from nothing. And when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. You go with the flow, you take risks, you glom on to advantages, your goal is to get ahead, not protect what you’ve got. This is what the other entertainment industries cannot understand about music. How it’s run by street hustlers. […]


What do they say, sports are a metaphor for life? I was only behind by two, and then Felice threw two through the hole and pummeled me. Greetings from Los Angeles, where there’s a nip in the air but it’s nowhere near as frigid as it is on the east coast. Actually, it always gets […]