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More Facebook

It’s the business model, STUPID! It’s not about third parties utilizing your data to surreptitiously influence your beliefs, it’s about you coughing up your life story so Facebook itself can slice and dice this data and sell it to advertisers so you can be equally influenced. Sure, we need to question Cambridge Analytica, but even […]

Eddie Money At The Grammy Museum

He was telling me jokes. You never know who these people really are. I was talking to Shirley Manson on Tuesday and I had the two-dimensional image in my brain, of a demure alternative girl. But she’s WILD! Very sharp, and can give it before you can. As for Eddie… He was crucified in the […]

Lyor Cohen-This Week’s Podcast

So I’m sitting there, with the headphones on, listening to Lyor talk, thinking this is GENIUS! That’s one of the myths of creativity, that you don’t know when you’ve done something great. ABSOLUTELY YOU DO! My favorite story on this comes from Al Kooper, he got a call from Skynyrd just after the first album […]

Facebook/Cambridge Analytica

Don’t trust anyone under thirty. I debated renewing my subscription to “New York” magazine. In case you haven’t been paying attention, with the drop in advertising, periodicals are raising their rates. Used to be subscribing was a no-brainer, the cost of a couple of issues on the newsstand. Now it can be the better part […]