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Save The Country

(Accompanying Herself On Piano) NEW YORK TENDABERRY Laura Nyro Sings “Save The Country” I got fury in my soul Fury’s gonna take me to the glory goal Stormy Daniels outranked the Grammys, she pulled more viewers on the same damn channel, CBS, 22 million to 19.8. What is happening here? It sure ain’t exactly clear. […]

Moe Shalizi-This Week’s Podcast

Manager of Marshmello (and more!) I wrote about Moe here: Moe Shalizi You can listen to a one minute excerpt of the podcast here: Moe Shalizi on the podcast: — Bob Lefsetz (@Lefsetz) March 27, 2018 Listen to the entire podcast here: TuneIn iTunes Google Play Stitcher Soundcloud Overcast

The Mechanism

The Mechanism We’re looking for a strongman. Someone to not only make the trains run on time, but to take care of us, give us a leg up, opportunity, even though our prayers will never be answered. Blame the internet. But it started before that. The rich spreading inaccurate information while they pay the politicians […]

The Great Alone

The Great Alone I was up until two finishing this book last night. After reading it all damn day. I was involved, I could not get enough of it. It was about Alaska, but so much more. Do you ever wish you could disconnect, go off the grid? I do. Every day there’s a slew […]