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Publicity Is Worthless

Could anyone have been plastered over the mainstream press more than Sheryl Crow? She even made the cover of “Parade,” talking about her home life. But nobody wants to listen to her new album, on Spotify not a single cut has exceeded one million plays, which means if she’s counting on streaming revenue to pay […]

Transmission Impossible

I found this on Deezer. I wonder, at some point in the future, will a younger generation go back and discover the classic rockers the same way boomers and Englishmen went back and discovered the Delta bluesmen? They were hiding in plain sight. Harvard students looked them up in the phone book and brought them […]


I blame Bill Clinton. Oh, all you lefties don’t have to get your knickers in a twist, I know, I know the Republicans were after him but he did it and parsed the language and that’s when the baby boomers bought this country, he was one of them, we messed it up. It started under […]

The Injection

1 I can’t SLEEP! So here’s the story. I was skiing with a friend on my birthday, April 22nd, Pickeroon, at Vail. And it’s relatively flat and then it falls off into a steep part, and normally I’d stop and wait at this ridge, at this transition, but the guy I’m skiing with is twenty […]