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It costs too much to do something new. It’s not only the development expenses, never mind coming up with a new idea, but the marketing money, how do you make people aware of what you’re doing in a sea of endless messages, one in which the vaunted “Breaking Bad” took years to gain traction. I […]

No Car

The engineer got here early. I’m a stickler for time, if it’s booked for 11, I’ll be there, maybe with only seconds to spare, but I don’t expect anybody early, certainly not in L.A. But Anna was. She came at 10:40. I was dressed, but in the bathroom, preparing… Now this was for a podcast, […]


I do not know what happened here. But I do know it stopped me in my tracks. That’s how modern life seems to go, you don’t sit down at 7 o’clock for the news, you’re just minding your own business and you get a tweet, a text, an e-mail, and your whole life is changed. […]

Today’s Playlist

Today’s Playlist – Spotify “The Song Of Purple Summer” “Spring Awakening” Do they do “Spring Awakening” at high schools yet? I’m kinda stunned, this is from 2006, over ten years ago, and I can’t say the rest of the score resonates with me/I remember it, but I absolutely LOVE THIS! It reminds me of the […]