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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Playlist

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Playlist “Autobahn” Kraftwerk More influential than any of the bands enshrined this year, the R&RHOF is a worthless organization with no credibility but it does allow us to have these discussions, keeping the legacy of old acts alive. Now when “Autobahn” hit the airwaves back in ’75 there was […]

Not A Hit In America

Not A Hit In America – Spotify “Miss You” James Hersey Hang in there, through the one minute mark. Before that the song is good, but it doesn’t grab you. But then the electronic sounds go wild, your mind is set free and you feel good all over, the way you do when you’re alone […]


Snapchat is banking on it. For the past fifteen years we’ve heard that kids don’t care about selling out, that tying up with corporations is a badge of honor. But Evan Spiegel thinks different. Turns out Snapchat’s value may not be dependent upon a technological breakthrough, but a philosophical one. Snapchat is anti-influencer, anti-celebrity and […]

The BOTS Act

A feel good circle jerk promulgated by those out of touch with economic realities. And tech ones too. Remember when Congress held hearings over Napster? What killed illegal P2P was technological solutions, i.e. Spotify, with its free tier. Want to kill ticket scalping? Charge what the tickets are worth or tie them to the buyer, […]