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George Michael

The holidays are a bitch. It’s the same media disconnect we experienced with the election. The stories say one thing, the truth is another. We read about all the shiny, happy people sitting around the fire surrounded by their loved ones and we wonder what happened to us, alone, or tolerating those we are related […]

Hanukkah In Vail

It’s strangely comforting to be amongst your people. Don’t ask me if I believe in God. But one thing’s for sure, I’m a Jew. I grew up in the Connecticut suburbs, surrounded by members of the tribe, but once I went off to college in Vermont I realized I was the other. A member of […]

Why Is Hip-Hop So Big?

I don’t know. In case you missed the memo, hip-hop is exploding on streaming services, it’s even bigger than it is in the sales world, demonstrating true demand, because people are actually listening. Why? I can only speculate. The first thing that comes to mind is culture. The white world is bankrupt, with its lame […]

WABC’s All American Survey for Week of 21 December 1965

WABC’s All American Survey for Week of 21 December 1965 – Spotify 1. “Turn! Turn! Turn!” The Byrds It began in the spring with “Mr. Tambourine Man.” Out of nowhere, folk rock was born. A melding of what once was before the Beatles to that which came thereafter, no wonder Dylan went electric, he had […]