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My Echo

I’m having a blast telling Alexa what to play from Spotify. I said I was never going to buy a computer until you could talk to one. That was thirty years ago. I fell into the computer revolution and haven’t exited since, I love the stimulation at my fingertips, but I still don’t use Siri, […]

Getting The Word Out

You’ve got to make news. The fact your album is coming out is no longer news unto itself. And reviews are skipped. So if you’re a star act with a cultural impact the only way you’ll get traction is by creating a newsworthy event. Let’s say what you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t put out a […]

False Hope

I’m sick of people telling me what to do. Not my mother, but the tech titans and anybody with an elite college degree seems entitled to pontificate on how I should live my life, as if they’ve got the tablets from God and I’m lost in the wilderness. The left is the worst on this. […]

The Sumner Redstone Story In The New York Times

“In the New Hollywood, Sumner Redstone Is a Man Out of Time” Nothing’s changed. Except maybe execs have closer relationships with their offspring. Otherwise, it’s the same as it ever was, pussy and power. Except the execs have more power than they ever did! Talent ain’t king, the man with the money is. And that […]