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Bob Dylan Starter Kit

Bob Dylan Starter Kit – Spotify playlist I’m hearing people complain that Bob Dylan is not of the stature of the other Oldchella acts. This is patently untrue. The only star of his caliber is Paul McCartney, maybe in the history of rock and roll (extending Paul’s fame and talent to the rest of the […]

Megyn Kelly’s Interview

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be nice. That’s another thing the mainstream media is clueless about. Now that everybody gets an opinion, now that we’re contemptuous of those with riches and fame, when you’re nice to those with status, when you suck up and play like you’re one big family, we puke. Of course Megyn […]

Lively Up Yourself

Lively Up Yourself – Spotify I heard this today on No Shoes Radio, Kenny Chesney’s Sirius station that for some reason I can only get on my XM receiver but not my Sirius one. It’s channel 62, I caught the press release somewhere and tuned in, I LOVE IT! People’s sensibilities are wider than the […]

Steve Martin On Howard Stern

Utterly fascinating. The readout said “Steve Martin” but it did not sound like him. Obviously, it was him, but he didn’t sound “on,” but like a regular guy. And that’s who Steve is. Steve grew up in SoCal, Orange County, Garden Grove, worked at Disneyland, honed his chops at Knott’s Berry Farm and got a […]