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The Grammys

Taylor Swift was insufferable, LL Cool J was jive, the Weeknd soared and the Eagles sounded like angels ferrying Glenn Frey to heaven. But what struck me most was the changing of the guard. The baby boomers, the rockers, they’re in the rearview mirror, it’s a pop world run by young people and if you’re […]

Dave Grohl At Musicares

How the hell does Dave Grohl know Lionel Richie? That’s what I said to Felice, employing an f not an h, as Mr. Grohl strode to the front of the stage. It’s become a ritual, two nights before the Grammys, they honor a superstar and rake in a ton of dough for Musicares, to help […]


Do you feel optimistic? That your best days are in front of you? That you will marry your heart’s desire, live comfortably in a mini-mansion and do fulfilling work until a well-earned retirement? Then chances are your parents were rich and you went to a good school and you’ve leveraged your relationships to get ahead. […]

BBC Music Moguls-Myth Makers

BBC Music Moguls Masters Of Pop 3 of 3 Myth Makers 720p Kanye West is playing the media like a fiddle. You’re sitting at home scratching your head. How does a guy without a hit record sell out Madison Square Garden for a fashion show? The media made him hot, it reports on everything Kanye […]