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Chris Stapleton On SNL

Chris Stapleton – “Nobody to Blame” He doesn’t look into the camera. It’s like he’s in a honky tonk, another night on the endless road wherein he’s downed a bunch of beers and is entertaining the assembled multitude, who are there to imbibe and check out the opposite sex (and the same one too!) This […]

Today’s Playbook

EMOTION We want to know you’re alive, that you’ve got feelings, that you believe in your message. Rational is passe. Jeb is rational, Trump is emotional. Who’s got a grip on the public consciousness? Who is mired in the morass? In an internet world where words inflame and everybody is pissed off to put on […]

Why Music Sucks

Inspired by: “Why Are SO Many Millennials SO Uncool” It’s about the money. They came for the record stores, then they came for the MP3s, everything we knew disappeared, we didn’t know they were gonna take the music itself. It started in the nineties. Or maybe we’ve got to go back to the eighties for […]


I just don’t care. I never go to the movies and I’ll never see the Rams play live. Despite media telling me I need to pay attention, the truth is I’m on my own subliminal trip to somewhere, as is everybody else, it’s the twenty first century condition. Used to be entertainment was scarce. And […]