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The Kardashian Paradigm

Kim Kardashian is the biggest star of the twenty first century. Because she told us so. Because she and her family realized the way you win today is by being the story, day after day, month after month, year after year. The hip-hoppers know this, it’s why Drake releases a steady stream of product. He’s […]

The Dave Rawlings Machine At The Ace Hotel

I went to hear “Look At Miss Ohio.” But I heard so much more. When I was in elementary school we sang. We’d open up books of songs that I still remember to this day and then sing in unison, loudly. That self-conscious want to fit in ethos of the millennial? We didn’t have it. […]

A Night At The Atom Factory

If tech is the new music, David Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal are rock stars. They’re founders of Warby Parker. You know Warby Parker, the eyeglass company that undercuts Luxottica and sold their frames through a bus and is now opening shops across America. A ragtag band with an idea that they brought to fruition. Only […]

Glenn Frey

He lived the American Dream. You know, wherein your wits, smarts and pluck, never mind the gleam in your eye, take you from nothing to everything, in this case not only accumulating riches, but influencing the culture. And there were those who hated him for it. They lionize Steve Jobs. And Mark Zuckerberg. The techies […]