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L’Wren Scott

She died, get over it. If the “New York Times” doesn’t stop tributing this willowy ex-model with the fake name who has no meaning in the lives of the rest of the world, those not member of the glitterati, I’m gonna open the window and scream I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE […]

The Sunday Paper

I read it with my iPhone. No, I don’t read it ON my iPhone, (oh wait, that’s not true, I do, the night before, when I can’t wait for tomorrow’s news), but with my handheld wireless device by my side, in my pocket, ready to look up anybody who says something provocative or intimate…I want […]

Rhinofy-Jethro Tull Primer

A SONG FOR JEFFREY Purists believe the initial album is best, “This Was,” the one before Mick Abrahams left. If nothing came after, Tull would be seen as English blues progenitors, but a hit changes all perceptions. There were no hits on “This Was,” but I’d start here, with the signature flute intro and then […]

The Swedish Pop Phenomenon

Welcome to the machine How Sweden’s domination of the international pop charts started when a failed glam rock front man met a bootleg DJ who couldn’t play a chord (and neither one was in Abba) Oh, baby baby, I didn’t know Max Martin wasn’t his real name! Every month I get a care package from […]