L’Wren Scott

She died, get over it.

If the “New York Times” doesn’t stop tributing this willowy ex-model with the fake name who has no meaning in the lives of the rest of the world, those not member of the glitterati, I’m gonna open the window and scream I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Supposedly the paper of record, the “Times” has been caught up in the story of a woman living beyond her means who just happened to be the girlfriend of a famous rock star, maybe the most famous rock star, sorry Sir Paul.

And I’m sorry Mick. The show does not go on. You canceled the Stones shows. Good move.

But this is a personal matter. Not one for everybody who ever touched fame to be given a chance to testify how they knew her but didn’t.

Hell, if you want to read the best story, check out the one in the “New York Post,” wherein they delineate the foibles of the wannabe rich and famous, how smoke and mirrors make them look fabulous, but the truth is they’re going broke and they’re afraid to lean on their famous friends who are too narcissistic to help out the little people:

“Scott’s suicide reveals tragic side of city’s glitzy scene”

Or, as they say, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

But at least if you make it to the top in music, you can sing your hit forever, you were famous for something legitimate. Although I am looking forward to thirty years from now to the package rap reunion shows, with everybody squeezing into their leathers like Fat Elvis and testifying about danger while backstage they’re worried about retirement and the leaking of their Depends.

Yes, we live in a phony society where truth rides in the back of the bus and we glorify anybody who’s tall, thin and acts like they’re rich.

It’s like we’re all aspirational, to become fashion nitwits. If I want a pair of sneakers, why would I want them to be made by Prada? Doesn’t Nike specialize in performance, aren’t sneakers about performance?

I guess not, in a country where how you look is so important. Imagine if Obama weren’t black…never mind his wife. Some people can’t get over this, just like they still make fun of gays, Jews and anybody who is not like them, an ignorant bully.

But still, why can’t we focus on real issues?

Because the people in charge don’t want us to. The truth is those who run this country like us unintelligent and uninformed. They laugh at us as they pull the strings of society.

And I’m starting to think you just can’t battle it. Last night I watched Robert Reich’s income inequality documentary on Netflix. It was incredibly well done, it just wasn’t a talking head, it’s available everywhere.

Inequality for All

But almost no one will see it, because Republicans will say it’s flawed, because you just can’t trust short people, never mind Democrats, and most people are tied up in the shenanigans of L’Wren Scott, nee Luann Bambrough.

She was a model who became a stylist who dated Mick Jagger who became a designer. Whoop-de-doo! She deserves more attention than a Rhodes scholar!

Oh, that’s right, the educated and the intelligent are to be despised, not trusted. They think they’re better than us, with their ability to read and analyze and hold two opposing concepts in their brains at the same time.

Then again, the number one story coming out of SXSW is rampant commercialism. And the only people who can turn the tide are the musicians themselves, who fell for this boondoggle, that the only way they could survive was to tie up with the Fortune 500.

The truth is the Fortune 500 will always be richer than you. And that most of these “entertainers” deserve neither the notice nor the cash. Create a song as ubiquitous as Doritos, satisfying and lasting, and then maybe you’ll make a difference.

Instead we’re telling everybody L’Wren Scott is a role model. Someone to aspire to be. Albeit without offing yourself in the end.

Actually, what I’ve read makes me believe L’Wren would be horrified at the big deal her death has become, how her entire life has been raked over the coals and exposed. She liked her privacy.

But you give that up now. It’s all grist for the mill. For those looking to make money selling media, burnish their image by attaching themselves to someone further up the food chain and the ignorant who believe these people are worthy of adulation and imitation.

Yes, the lesson of Kim Kardashian is you look to your progenitor and exceed her.

Paris Hilton created the paradigm, of being famous for nothing. Kim just got on the gravy train and executed not by whim, but with cold calculation.

And the truth is now every idiot in America is trying to imitate her, the way every singing show on TV is populated with Mariah Carey clones.

So there you have it. The underclass is trying to be famous for nothing and the rich are all trying to get wealthier in tech and anybody with an art history degree is to be derided, even the President said so, since they have no financial future.

I’m an art history major. I’m glad to starve.

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