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You Might Be A Spammer…

IF YOU SEND A HOLIDAY E-CARD Nothing says you’re cheap and out of date more than sending a holiday e-card, especially if there’s no personalization involved. If it’s just to me, and there’s more than a signature, then you get a pass. Otherwise, you look like someone tech retarded who doesn’t realize fads come and […]

A Little More Rapino

Greetings from Vail, Colorado, where it’s dumping! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then again, that hot chocolate might have helped! I just wanted to flesh out a bit more about Rapino’s interview yesterday. By me, as a matter of fact. At Aspen Live. Which I want to tell you is worth ten […]

Cuban & Caren

From: Mike Caren Re: Recordings Not Live You hit it on the head here but you probably missed something important here. We have a new generation and recording at home on your iPad doesn’t require collaboration. Forget finding four great musicians (let alone four great musicians who all can write/contribute), try to find four musicians/artists […]

Rapino In Aspen

Are you a winner? Everybody wants the glory, but few want to do the hard work. So Michael Rapino grows up in Thunder Bay. That’s closer to Winnipeg than Toronto. For those not Canada-savvy, that’s NOWHERE! And his friend at the Beer Store, that’s what they call it, that’s the only place to buy beer […]