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Christmas Playlist

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you connect with who you used to be, every song triggers a memory, it’s like your whole life is a highway and the feelings you thought were gone forever have suddenly shown up and are now riding shotgun. I used to live in winter. It was a part of […]

I Am Thankful For…

THE INTERNET 1. It allows me to reach all of you. 2. It puts the history of recorded music at my fingertips. What was once rare is now standing in plain sight. People might be financially-challenged, but music, the elixir of life, is right there for them to grab and listen to. It’s music’s heyday. […]

Rhinofy-Good News From The Next World

I can listen to “Waterfront” and “Let There Be Love” all day long. Alas, after that initial hit period, Simple Minds lost traction. But this 1995 album sat in my Walkman for months, it energized me, it made me feel like I could conquer the world when I was at the lowest point in my […]


Don’t e-mail every day unless you have something to say. We’re going to go on a cruise for my mother’s 85th birthday, although she just celebrated her 86th yesterday, Happy Birthday Mom! We were catching up on the phone and the conversation veers so frequently to health, as in her buddies are not doing so […]