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1. Empower Your Fans They’re the key to your success, not the mainstream media. Fans are forever, newspapers are not, never mind the reporters who write for them. Your fans believe in you, have time for you, are dedicated to you, reciprocate. Fans want information. Which they can spread. Encourage fan sites. Give exclusives. Give […]

Keys Without Clive

Stiffs. The power of the individual is underestimated in America. For every person who feels powerless there’s another who confronts the headwinds and wins through sheer determination. Not that there’s not talent involved. And I’ll argue Clive Davis did not find his niche at Columbia. He takes a lot of credit for signing those Monterey […]

The Stones

They scalped their own tickets. Rolling Stones tickets remain unsold after price hike Where do you think the touts got those seats? THE STONES THEMSELVES! This is how it works. The band gets $26 million for four gigs and a private. But that’s not enough. They’ve got to make more. So they take a bunch […]

Silver Linings Playbook

What’s in it for me? Now if you’re planning to see this flick, and you want to go in cold, stop reading right now. Not that I’m gonna reveal any more than a typical reviewer, but I want to evade the mountain of abuse I’m gonna get from those who no longer realize that secrets […]