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So I’m reading Michael Lewis’s "Blind Side" about Lawrence Taylor and Bill Parcells says it’s not LT’s speed, his height or his build…but his will to win that makes him so successful. Do you need to win? If not, you’ll probably never make it in the music business. You might be able to schlep the […]

Rhinofy-Some Bruce

1. "Tunnel Of Love"It ought to be easy, ought to be simple enough But it’s not. What do you do when you achieve your dream, become the biggest star in the world, become embraced by the mainstream as well as your hard core fans? You go inside, you try to save yourself as you’re falling […]

Right Now

I was in Colorado but the snow sucked so bad and the forecast was so horrifying that we flew back. And I’ve been weirded out ever since. I’m not usually in town this week. Traffic has slowed, light is limited…and everything sounds so good on the radio. I noticed it yesterday when I heard "Life’s […]

Year-End Roundup

LIVE NATION If you spoke to the press, he fired you. That was Jerry Perenchio’s creed. Don’t know him? Do a little research. The entertainment business is full of those seeking self-aggrandizement, believing that fame will make their lives work. But if it’s money you’re after, shut up. And finally, Live Nation shut up. And […]