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What Happened To My Country?

My father was a real estate appraiser. He started out as an engineer, but that lasted less than a year, he wasn’t an ass-kisser, he couldn’t play the game, he was bounced out. So he opened a liquor store and tried his hand at commercial real estate. Unsuccessfully, because he didn’t have enough money to […]

My Mother Wants An iPhone

I know, I know, I’m overloading you. You’ve had enough crap from this self-centered Lefsetz, who does he think he is anyway? But I just want to tell you this one story. My mother has mellowed. That’s one great thing about age, you stop trying to change the future, you go along for the ride. […]

A Parallel Universe

So I’m riding the Eagle Bahn gondola and the twentysomethings are talking about Pandora and I ask them if they’ve tried Spotify radio yet. Silence. They were dumbfounded. They pegged me for an old fart. But after I did a bit of explaining we started talking music, what they listened to. And it all came […]

Alabama Shakes

This is just the beginning. Who wouldn’t love a rock band fronted by an overweight black woman? It rings true in an era of overhyped, overmassaged, oversurgeried TV music stars who are no different from the citizens in "Wall-E", fat on the past and unwilling to take a risk in the future. But that doesn’t […]