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Obscurity Is Your Friend

I know it’s counterintuitive, but think about it. I was on the phone with a publisher, he was encouraging me to do a book. In the conversation he revealed he was a big Ryan Adams fan, even e-mailed me the one released track from his new album Lucky Now – Ryan Adams And in our […]

Jeff Bridges Sales

13,197. In a country of 300 million. That’s piss-poor. That shows you just can’t jam product down people’s throats anymore. The old game is dead. Good riddance. But you say those sales still qualified Jeff’s album for #25 on the chart, which ain’t bad. I’ll say, which way do you want to have it. Albums […]

The Bike Race

Are you watching this? It’s so EXCITING! It’s called the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, but all you’ve got to know is it’s the same crew from the Tour de France, but now they’re racing in Colorado, where the peaks touch the sky. Yesterday was a time trial. Down in the flats. Today they rode over […]

Pistol Annies

Too many people who would like this album will never hear it. You see country is the new rock and roll. Or, more accurately, the old rock and roll. But it’s wrapped up in so much ass-kissing right wing family values bullshit that there’s a wall through which the music doesn’t penetrate, it lives in […]