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Launch your project on the weekend. Seth Godin has this new imprint with Amazon, it’s called the Domino Project. And with regularity, he pumps out business books. I don’t believe in ’em. I believe in inspiration. The sudden flash of genius. Steve Jobs broke all the rules and became the most successful businessman of his […]

Newport Folk Festival

You can’t buy the kind of buzz below. Everybody wrote out of passion. I was aware there was a Newport Folk Festival, I was aware it was hipper than ever, but whatever marketing and promotion there was either I didn’t encounter or it slid right off of me, I’m immune to hype, as are so […]

Dinner and Lunch

My father came from nothing. What’s worse, when his dad died he left all his money to his first family. My dad couldn’t go to school full time, he had to support his mother. So education was primary in our life. My dad may not have been a millionaire, we were solidly middle class, but […]


I told them they should call it "William Morris"…AND THEY FREAKED OUT! Take everything I say below with a giant grain of salt, because I was paid. There, you’ve got the disclaimer up front. Hell, Geiger didn’t even want me to write this, or to run it by him first if I felt the need, […]