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I saw the Dave Matthews Band open for Phish at the Santa Monica Civic. I do what Chip tells me.  He’d told me I had to come see Phish at the Variety Arts Center and I’d watched them blow up.  The DMB was his new band. I didn’t know that the Santa Monica Civic had […]

Luke Strikes Back

Interesting rave here. File sharing. Hey, you cant put Pandora back in the box. I guess thats why some of the big acts charge 100-to 250 bucks a ticket. If you cant sell records like the old days might as well fuck everyone for the expensive ticket price right? Ok, its NOT all that way […]

Black Ice

I’m sitting here at Shutters listening to the new AC/DC album on Steve Barnett’s MacBook Air. To tell you the truth, I usually avoid this.  What are you going to say as the label head watches you listen to his baby.  But after discussing the Wal-Mart deal at lunch, hearing all about the plans for […]

No Shoes Radio

Driving home this eveningCould’ve sworn we had it all worked out How does that cut?  LIKE A KNIFE! I heard on Highway 16 that Kenny Chesney had his own XM radio station, up on channel 18.  I dialed in, and I heard Dave Matthews’ "Where Are You Going", Little River Band’s "Cool Change" and "Cuts […]