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Not Selling On iTunes

Isn’t this how the labels got in trouble to begin with?  By making customers buy an entire, overpriced CD to get the single, the only track they wanted, oftentimes the only good track on the album? Pulling acts from iTunes is akin to winning the pennant but refusing to play in the World Series because […]

Today’s Tracks

"Long Haired Country Boy"The Charlie Daniels Band They say high gasoline prices are keeping people off the freeway. All I can say is…sometimes. I spent all day Saturday going to online traffic school. What a scam. You’ve literally got to spend eight hours, even live they don’t make you do the entire time. Turns out […]

Man Who Couldn’t Cry

My favorite Neil Young album is the very first, the eponymous one, the one that was re-released with a new mix not long after it hit the marketplace (you can tell the difference by the front cover, if the picture takes up the whole cover, it’s the old, wrong one, if there’s the name "Neil […]


If I hear one more time that commercials are the new radio, that no one cares about endorsements and sponsorships, I’m going to take my vinyl records and move to Tierra del Fuego. Ain’t that a laugh.  Vinyl records.  Even though I’m a big believer in vinyl, that it sounds better than CDs, it’s not […]