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Solters Responds

"NO — I’M WITH THE BAND." Bob- Thanks for your expertise, Bob. After all, the Eagles have only been one of the most enduring radio and touring acts for 35 years — and still are — so, what the fuck do they know? Yes, the song they chose to release as their new single, "How […]

I’m With The Band Redux

What’s the first thing you want to do when you hear a track you like on the radio? OWN IT! But "I’m With The Band" just came out TODAY! (And funny how it has as many MySpace plays as the Eagles song that’s been out for days.) And it’s too soon to STEAL IT! Oh, […]

I’m With The Band

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a legendary band is gone from the recorded music scene for eons and comes back with a thirty five year old COVER SONG? I’m a huge Eagles fan. Bought each album when it came out. You might criticize Don Henley, but when it […]

My Australian Keynote Address

You’ve got a turntable, RIGHT? Well, transfer this podcast to vinyl. Place it on your turntable and play it at 16 RPM! Because I’m talking so fucking fast, that if you play it at 33, you might MISS SOMETHING! Go to: Podcast (MP3s) of 2007 Keynote Speeches Scroll down to the Saturday Keynote, where you’ll see […]