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In The City Keynote Rant

This is SO out of control it’s unbelievable. Bottom line, they’ve just posted a podcast of my In The City rant at the iTunes Music Store.  You’ve got to know, this took place earlier than I usually wake up.  There were not as many people in attendance as I expected/wanted.  A bit pissed off and […]

Podcast #14 – J.D. Souther

If you could trust meTry and believe meListen to me when I sayWhen I say that love is a burning fireAnd it will not fade away I was hung up on a girl once.  She finally told me she was getting a divorce.  When I ran into her a matter of months after she and […]

Larry Stessel Weighs In

My kids never go to record stores. "Why would I want to go in there daddy?  Do they sell video games?" Ironically, the video game industry is starting to hurt now too, and for the exact same reason as the music business.  The BLOCKBUSTER MENTALITY!  Spend a fucking fortune on a TITLE!  Hype it to […]

Urge – Correction

Well, it appears that Microsoft heard the outcry.  You can now rip in MP3 format in Windows Media Player without purchasing an extra module (assuming you’ve upgraded, which Windows users are notorious for NOT doing.)  You launch Windows Media Player, you click on Options, then Tools and then Rip Music.  But right next to the […]