Urge – Correction

Well, it appears that Microsoft heard the outcry.  You can now rip in MP3 format in Windows Media Player without purchasing an extra module (assuming you’ve upgraded, which Windows users are notorious for NOT doing.)  You launch Windows Media Player, you click on Options, then Tools and then Rip Music.  But right next to the place where you can change format there’s a bit of text that states: "Learn more about MP3 formats".  When you click on this you get the equivalent of an advertisement, wherein a virtual stereo salesman tries to convince you to use WMA instead.

There’s no such ad in the Preference panel allowing you to switch from AAC to MP3 in iTunes.

BUT, despite the conventional AAC format having no copy protection, and being available to all device makers, not all the device makers complaining about not being able to license FairPlay SUPPORT AAC.  Needless to say, the Sony products I’ve encountered do not.

Here me now and believe me later.  MP3 is the default format.  If the labels were smart, they’d support it.  And license traders.  INSTEAD, they’re fostering this format war.  And then complaining about it.

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