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Woman Of Heart And Mind

Woman Of Heart And Mind – Spotify 1 Sometime, hopefully not soon, Joni Mitchell will die, what will reaction be? 2 I think I first heard of Joni Mitchell when Judy Collins had her monster hit with “Both Sides Now.” The irony was the hook was the instrumentation and the changes, the lyrics were secondary, […]

Whipping Post

Whipping Post – Spotify There’s a canard that we’re living in the dark ages of audio quality, that files are lo-res and we’re just not hearing what we used to. But that’s forgetting the fact that for most of the previous era people experienced bad playback systems, the all-in-ones of the sixties, the homebrew speakers […]


Layla and Assorted Other Love Songs 1 “Layla” was a stiff. Clapton was not God, certainly not in today’s way, everybody did not know his name, he was not all over the papers, he was not Drake and he was not Taylor Swift, he was just a guitarist in bands who those paying attention knew […]

Gamblin’ Man

Gamblin’ Man – Spotify “Sweet Forgiveness” was Bonnie Raitt’s comeback album. After starting off as a critics’ darling with her four track made in Minnesota eponymous debut she wandered into the wilderness, changing producers with each record and having less and less success. So it was decided she should work with a certified hitmaker, Paul […]