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Spotify Suggestions

Spotify Suggestions “Come” Jain This has 44,634,669 streams on Spotify and 66,937,245 on YouTube and you’ll think there’s nothing special until you hit the chorus/hook and then you’ll find you’re hooked. Two minutes and forty seconds of specialness. Maybe we’re returning to that era, a pullback from the seventies ethos where acts wanted to be […]

Billy Raffoul

Billy Raffoul – Dark Four Door If this were the nineties, he’d already be a star. That’s the power of video, that’s the power of a monoculture. You won’t get it if you listen to the new single “Driver” on Spotify. You won’t even get it if you listen to the version of “Dark Four […]

Protest Playlist

Protest Playlist -Spotify “We Can’t Make It Here” James McMurtry 2006 My favorite track of the century, although I do prefer the acoustic take rushed out for the election that is now hard to find, it’s my most played song in my iTunes library with an indelible hook that is undeniable, the words are just […]

Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet- Spotify It’s a Led Zeppelin rip-off. But didn’t Led Zeppelin rip off Willie Dixon and the rest of the bluesmeisters? If you lived through that era, you will instantly hear mid-period Zeppelin, complete with Robert Plant screams. Then you remember that was 45 years ago! About the same distance, if not longer, […]