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John Moreland “Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars” Live at SXSW

Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars – Youtube There is hope. There’s a canard that modern music is a cornucopia of vapid millennial popsters and I must admit they get more than their fair share of attention, but bubbling under there’s soul-fulfilling stuff that has gotten a push but just hasn’t landed on your […]


It’s the new “Blurred Lines,” but the role of Emily Ratajkowski is played by Zuleya Rivera, and she keeps her clothes on! But that does not mean you can take your eyes off her. What am I talking about? Yesterday’s number one track on Spotify’s Global Top 50. Only this version features Justin Bieber playing […]

Forgotten Songs Playlist

Forgotten Songs Playlist “Don and Dewey” It’s A Beautiful Day Most famous for “White Bird” off their initial LP, the second album, “Marrying Maiden,” has been lost to the sands of time. It’s A Beautiful Day played my college and my friend ran into guitarist Hal Wagenet, who he took up to his dorm room […]

Save The Country

New York Tendaberry – Spotify 1967 wasn’t so different from today, it was hard to get noticed. Sure, it was hard to get a record deal, but it was even harder to get someone to buy your music, and if they didn’t, chances are it went unheard, unless, fortuitously, you were inundated with talent and […]