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This Is America

You can hide in plain sight. Donald Glover was on “Community,” is in the second season of his own highly-lauded series “Atlanta” and has one of the longest running hits on the chart with “Redbone,” a cut from his THIRD Glassnote album and still… Most people had no idea who he was. Until now. Glover’s […]

A Pirate Looks At Forty

A Pirate Looks At Forty – Spotify One song can make a career. And it’s not “Margaritaville,” the anthem of good times, it’s “A Pirate Looks At Forty.” F. was from Tallahassee, back before hanging chads and FSU championship teams. Back then it was more like Georgia than Miami, probably still is, haven’t been there […]

Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Where Have All The Good Times Gone – Spotify I heard Bowie’s version on Deep Tracks the other night. I was driving in the dark, on the twisty roads in the hills, and it sounded so good. It never sounded that good before. I bought “PinUps” and was sorely disappointed. You see I’d gotten in […]

Easy To Slip

Easy To Slip – Spotify Easy To Slip – YouTube Well I don’t want to drift forever In the shadow of you leaving me But I did, for a decade. I was overstimulated. Interacting at the Forum, talking on the phone, out to a dinner party, and after watching an episode of “The Americans” I […]