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Dirty John

How to listen to the ‘Dirty John’ podcast Have you ever regretted your choices? Wondered how life would have turned out if you’d taken the other path? I have. Now I’m not sure whether this podcast is a triumph, or a low-level genre piece akin to cable TV exposes of crime. But the difference is […]

Alice Cooper On WTF

I thought it was a joke. At this point the most famous rock writer was Jon Landau, before he saw God and went off to manage Bruce Springsteen. Lester Bangs was just another scribe, before his death and deification by Cameron Crowe, but his words in “Rolling Stone” were undeniable, he was testifying about a […]

Masters Of Scale

“Release, observe, react” That’s what Reid Hoffman says in his podcast with Mark Zuckerberg. MARK ZUCKERBERG? He’s more inaccessible than a rock star, harder to hear in an uncontrolled environment than our President, just to hear him talk normally, off guard, telling his tale, is a thrill. We’re long in the tooth in the tech […]

Jerry Brown On The Axe Files

the Axe Files – Ep. 147 – Gov. Jerry Brown I know, I know, I’m overloading you with missives. Hell, I’m thrilled you’re subscribing and reading AT ALL! It’s just that I’m both excited about life and overwhelmed, and there’s just so much HAPPENING! Like listening to the BBC re the election on Sirius this […]