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The P.F. Sloan Book

They didn’t know what they were doing. All those legendary hits, played ad infinitum on transistors way back when and Sirius today? The creators were just trying to get ahead, they were just trying to get paid. I’ve been sifting through books and I came across “What’s Exactly The Matter With Me?: Memoirs of a […]

Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible This is an incredible book. Not the easiest book to read. Not one you can’t put down. Not a better one than “Olive Kitteridge” or “Amy & Isabelle,” but one that will get under your skin, creep you out and give you the feeling that you are not only not special, but […]

The Idiot

“The Idiot” Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in, that you didn’t get the memo, didn’t realize there was a manual, that everybody else is comfortable in their own skin and knows how to get along? I do. I always feel this way. Maybe that’s why I’m addicted to art. I like people. […]

The John Oates Book

“Rich Girl” got me through law school. I didn’t want to go, but I’d run out of options. I’d choked at the freestyle ingress, gotten the world’s worst case of mononucleosis, part of me wanted to stay at Snowbird but I knew if I didn’t leave Utah right then, I’d be there forever. That’s the […]