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In My Room

It was “I Get Around.” Before the Beatles there was music, but that band woke us all up, got us all addicted. They infected not only television and radio but the jukebox too, where I heard all their songs at Nutmeg Bowl, where we went bowling every Friday with our sixth grade class, where I […]

The Great Alone

The Great Alone I was up until two finishing this book last night. After reading it all damn day. I was involved, I could not get enough of it. It was about Alaska, but so much more. Do you ever wish you could disconnect, go off the grid? I do. Every day there’s a slew […]

“An American Marriage”

“An American Marriage” I could not put this book down. For the last three days I’ve been sitting in a chair getting an IVIG drip. Not a great way to spend a holiday weekend, but to be truthful when you work for yourself the weekdays are holidays and the weekends are downtime you endure, e-mail […]


Improvement: A Novel This book is about nobodies. I listened to Scott Galloway on Barry Ritholtz’s podcast “Masters In Business.” You should too, Galloway’s got his finger on the tech issues, the Frightful Four and how they impact our lives. Furthermore, he admits early in the podcast he was wrong about one of his predictions, […]