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Improvement: A Novel This book is about nobodies. I listened to Scott Galloway on Barry Ritholtz’s podcast “Masters In Business.” You should too, Galloway’s got his finger on the tech issues, the Frightful Four and how they impact our lives. Furthermore, he admits early in the podcast he was wrong about one of his predictions, […]

The Michael Wolff Book

I bought it. This was the breakthrough Kindle moment, not that you’ve seen any press about it. I doubt there’s enough physical inventory in stores. They’re gonna run out…if they’re not reprinting right now. This is the world we used to live in in music. All that money wasted on printing and supply chain, shipping, […]


“Americanah” I’ve been on a streak of disappointing books. I finished the David Yaffe’s Joni Mitchell tome, but tired of his analysis of her lyrics, someone who didn’t live through the era and had no context. Having said that, if you’re a Joniphile you’ll be stunned to learn so many tidbits, like the woman who […]

Sticky Fingers-The Jann Wenner/Rolling Stone Book

“Rock and roll then was real, everything else was unreal.” John Lennon This is the most depressing book I’ve read all year. There’s always been music. It’s not like the Top Forty was blank before the Beatles. Even a few good groups dominated the airwaves prior to ’64, like the Four Seasons and the Beach […]