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Rock Fans Have To Stream

I’m looking at the half year BuzzAngle report where the rock format is #1 in both Album Sales, with 14.3%, and also #1 in Physical and Vinyl, and #2 in Digital Alum Sales and #1 in Song Sales, but when it comes to Audio Streams…it’s dwarfed by Hip-Hop/Rap, which has 24.4% to rock’s 6.9%. Even […]


Luke is eight. I love talking to the little kids. They answer you honestly, they miss the nuance, they’re fountains of information presented unfiltered and when Luke told me he was listening to TheFatRat I had no idea what he was talking about. He immediately told me he’d found him on his favorite YouTube channel, […]

Facebook Makes TV

Distribution is king. Never ever forget that. What boosted all those channels on cable television… Was their availability on cable. They survived on payments from the cable systems, based on the number of subscribers. Even worse, for customers, the giants scooped up the little players and used their leverage to get inclusion and more money. […]

Masters Of Scale

“Release, observe, react” That’s what Reid Hoffman says in his podcast with Mark Zuckerberg. MARK ZUCKERBERG? He’s more inaccessible than a rock star, harder to hear in an uncontrolled environment than our President, just to hear him talk normally, off guard, telling his tale, is a thrill. We’re long in the tooth in the tech […]