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Upstarts Rules

1. Solve a problem. The world does not need more me-too music, it needs a different sound that enraptures people. The problem we have in the music industry is we’re playing to niches, not everybody, and music when done right is for everybody, or almost everybody, there will always be naysayers. 2. Appeal to the […]

The Upstarts

Brian Chesky went to RISD. Maybe you don’t live in the northeast, maybe you think the state school is good enough, but if you grew up in New England, where where you went to college is a badge of honor, you know about all the elite institutions. And the one for the artists, the left […]

Apple Doesn’t Hear The Echo

Alexa is my music concierge of choice. I just tell her what to play and she does. How did Apple squander first mover advantage? It was there earliest, with Siri, but I never use it, it’s too inaccurate, but Alexa gets it right almost all of the time. That could be perception. But what is […]


Snapchat is banking on it. For the past fifteen years we’ve heard that kids don’t care about selling out, that tying up with corporations is a badge of honor. But Evan Spiegel thinks different. Turns out Snapchat’s value may not be dependent upon a technological breakthrough, but a philosophical one. Snapchat is anti-influencer, anti-celebrity and […]