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I’m not supposed to talk about it. Actually, I asked Martin Sorrell’s permission, actually SIR Martin Sorrell, and he said to run it by him first. Ain’t gonna do that. Actually, I deleted the e-mail the first time through. I’m invited to scores of conferences. I won’t go unless you pay me. Hell, you’re reading […]

I finally downloaded the app (and too!) It was the article in today’s WSJ. magazine. Let me see, can you access this without a subscription? Unfortunately you can’t, welcome to the new world of haves and have-nots, you thought information was gonna be free forever, but it’s not, you’re gonna pay if you want […]

Sonos One

This is incredible. My problem is I have too many Echos and too small a house. I set up the Sonos One but it was getting confused with the Echo nearby. So I decided to do some surgery and screwed it up completely. Then Thomas Meyer hooked me up with Sonos support and not only […]

Spotify Radio

It’s far better than Pandora, and most people don’t even know it exists! And the point of this article is machines are better than humans, for all of Apple’s human curation I far prefer Spotify’s algorithms, as for Pandora, the tuneouts are excruciating, why in hell do they think I like x if I like […]