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Bill O’Reilly Gets Canned

No one is bigger than the system. You may think you rise above, that you’re better than the rest of us, know more, are entitled to more, but that’s not true. Furthermore, the nature of human beings is they want to tear you down to their level if they think you’ve gotten too big for […]

MOAB & North Korea

Am I the only one freaked out about this? I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was only nine years old, but I was plenty scared. I remember visiting my grandparents in Peabody, Mass., lying on the sloping porch of their three story abode, asking my mother what was gonna happen. She said if […]

Rachel Maddow

She’s the left wing explainer. I’ve become addicted to the news. Not only the papers, which arrive every day, whose apps I’m constantly checking on my phone, but TV, which I mostly catch on the satellite, Sirius XM. That’s right, there’s everything from Fox to CNN, MSNBC to Bloomberg, NPR and the BBC. I want […]

Claremont McKenna

“Protesters disrupt talk by pro-police author, sparking free-speech debate at Claremont McKenna College” This is not about free expression, this is about self-expression, the protesters taking a stand, making a statement in a world where the politicians are out of touch and the media salivates over ad dollars and fame and the truth is irrelevant. […]