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More Weinstein

From: David Rubinson This is such bullshit. And I must say that your willing participation in the bullshit machine is disappointing. The Weinstein plot is another way to attack the “liberals.” And Jewish/Left Hollywood. And to distract us from Trump’s total destruction of the planet and rational global structure, and his fundamental racism, and inhuman […]


Me On CNN Katherine Kendall was on after me. I was driving to the Troubadour the night before, flipping the news channels on Sirius, and I heard her story, about Harvey Weinstein chasing her around his apartment, about hiding out in a bar to get away from him. And here she was. I don’t work […]

More Eminem

Trump’s afraid to tweet back. That’s the power of entertainment, that’s the power of Hollywood, that’s the power of Detroit, that’s the power of art. My inbox is filled up with right wing denizens decrying the work of Marshall Mathers. Saying he sucks, that it doesn’t matter, that we must respect the President. They’re no […]

Eminem On Trump

“What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where the best golfer is black and the best rapper is white?” One in which Eminem drew a line in the sand tonight, if you’re not with me, FUCK YOU! This is everything today’s “musicians” are against. They don’t want to alienate a single potential […]