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Jay Z/Trump

What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where a rapper has more gravitas and self-control than the President of the United States? One in which the culture is driven by African-Americans and elder white people want to jet back to a past that never even existed in the first place. Donald Trump […]

The Michael Wolff Book

I bought it. This was the breakthrough Kindle moment, not that you’ve seen any press about it. I doubt there’s enough physical inventory in stores. They’re gonna run out…if they’re not reprinting right now. This is the world we used to live in in music. All that money wasted on printing and supply chain, shipping, […]

The Disinformation Society

Blame it on distribution. This is the year we discovered Facebook and Google were the enemy. We were taught for so long that content was king that we forgot he or she who presents the news is the ultimate arbiter. And what we’ve got is a skewed picture. Meanwhile, the traditional news organizations impacted society […]

Change Happens Slowly

That’s what Obama said on WTF, when Marc Maron asked him about health care, single-payer, Barack said it would take decades to get to the destination, just like it did with gay marriage and legal pot, and I added those last two, but I never thought they’d happen in my lifetime, but they did. One […]