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Betsy DeVos

I went to public school. When taxes were high, there was enough paper for the mimeo machine and Mr. McCann taught music in the basement. We pledged allegiance, learned that anybody could be President, but it don’t really happen that way at all anymore. Ever get the feeling the game is rigged? Those who voted […]

Virality Is On Facebook

We are living in the era of people power. I know that’s confounding, in a world where the President is whipsawing the country, but the truth is we’ve seen a transition from a top-down to a bottom-up world, and institutions cannot fathom this. It’s why Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Hillary campaign could not understand […]


Trump was not prepared for this. But neither was I. After spending five days on my back, sick as a dog, I landed in Los Angeles, the land of winter heat and thick air, and… There was no limo driver. I’m busy b.s.’ing with Tempkins, who’s planning to go to the Westin, lord only knows […]


I remember when it was a badge of honor to be a lawyer. Before all the attorneys lied during Watergate and the profession was revealed to be ethically challenged. Now I never mention I’m an attorney. Because the people on the other side of the desk will laugh. If I amp it up and say […]