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The Modern World

You have your own set of facts. There’s always a site on the internet that confirms your bias. You work the refs. You believe if you reply every time, the other side will think twice before speaking again. The right is especially expert at this. You think you know more than you do. The older […]

Trump vs. Talking Heads

Art is an attitude. Art is a viewpoint. Art is subversive. Art is a burst of creativity and energy. Punk rock eviscerated prog rock and corporate rock when those became too contemplated, when they were made for a market instead of the art itself. Your goal is to make people think. To confront them with […]

Quote of the Day

“‘All good inventions come from something personal,’ she said. ‘People create things because it’s personal.’” BINGO! Can you say Napster? Monday night I went to see Jade Bird at the Troubadour. Before that Daniel Glass held a party at the Polo Lounge. And this is where you excoriate me and him and I get it, […]

More Weinstein

From: David Rubinson This is such bullshit. And I must say that your willing participation in the bullshit machine is disappointing. The Weinstein plot is another way to attack the “liberals.” And Jewish/Left Hollywood. And to distract us from Trump’s total destruction of the planet and rational global structure, and his fundamental racism, and inhuman […]