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Beau Willimon Responds

Bob, Thank you for amplifying and contextualizing this. As someone who started out in the theater, I can attest to how profound and necessary it is for us to gather in the same physical space and tell our stories. Like music, theater is one of our oldest forms of communicating with each other. It is […]


Now I know where not to bank & who not to fly with. Actions like this create a culture of fear. We must support free expression, not punish. — Beau Willimon (@BeauWillimon) June 12, 2017   UPDATE: @BankofAmerica joins @Delta in pulling sponsorship of @PublicTheaterNY over Trump-themed #JuliusCaesar. — BroadwayWorld (@BroadwayWorld) June 12, […]

Jerry Brown On The Axe Files

the Axe Files – Ep. 147 – Gov. Jerry Brown I know, I know, I’m overloading you with missives. Hell, I’m thrilled you’re subscribing and reading AT ALL! It’s just that I’m both excited about life and overwhelmed, and there’s just so much HAPPENING! Like listening to the BBC re the election on Sirius this […]

Theresa May

Comey is not the story. Democrats are creaming in their jeans over today’s testimony, believing Congress is gonna bring Trump down. But that is untrue, the public’s gonna bring Trump down. How do I know? BRITAIN! Brexit was the first indication that the underclass was angry, left behind, that they were afraid of losing their […]