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Judy Budzik

And now she’s dead. It’s one of my great life regrets, I threw away the invitation to her birthday party. I remember exactly where it happened, dropping it through the grate during recess. I’m not sure she saw me do it. Maybe I blocked it. But somehow she knew, and we were friends. This was […]

Rob Glaser-This Week’s Podcast

That’s right, Mr. RealNetworks himself! You know, RealPlayer, the default audio and video player from the turn of the century, ultimately superseded by Windows Media and…there was a lawsuit over that, Microsoft lost, RealNetworks got paid. Anyway, Rob grew up in NYC and went to Yale and from there was on the ground floor at […]

The Greatest Showman

This could be the biggest act in the world. I was clueless until my buddy Jeff Laufer hipped me to it, singling out the track “This Is Me,” an empowering anthem straight out of the “Fame” playbook, why is this phenomenon getting no ink, despite hiding in plain sight for six months, the flick having […]

Beyonce/Jay Z Album

Money or mindshare, that’s the question. In case you didn’t know, “Everything Is Love” is only available on Tidal, although a single is viewable on YouTube. Distribution is king, and Tidal ain’t got none. Now let’s go back to the last decade, when the issue was early release, theft of product. Boy have times changed. […]