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Re-Lefsetz/Aaron Lewis/Borchetta

Hey Lefsetz,

I saw you have  your panties in a wad over the new Conservative anthem.  Aaron is saying what millions of we normals believe.  We’ve had it with you lunatic leftist radicals.  We’v had it with your hate for America and your efforts to turn it into a socialist hell.  Democrats, all of them, have become the enemy of the Constitution, of Liberty and of We The People.  And as enemies you all will be treated.

“There’s the fuckin door” you whacko.

Jim Burgess
Watertown, WI


Subject: You are a Fucktard

You are fucking idiot and your music reviews don’t sway anyone.  You are a no talent piece shit that needs to shut his liberal mouth and shallow thoughts before they get you hurt.


Heath Staples


You are absolute trash. Keep crying about Aaron Lewis…bitch. Hope you and everyone you love, rots in hell fucker

David Obey


Subject: You’re an idiot

… an old washed up nobody with a stupid blog, big fucking deal you are? You sit there judging people based on your anti-American warped opinion. Who the fuck are you? You couldn’t hold a cancel to ANY music industry artist, let alone Aaron Lewis.


Robert Vezirian


Hey fat fuck, if you don’t like his song, then don’t listen to it.

What is a “music critic” anyway besides a person who has the luxury of listening to music all day and being a lap dog for musicians/singers who bow to him?  Try working for a living chubby.

Quite honestly you are nothing more than a bitter, old, pretentious, hypocritical zero. For the record, I’ve never heard of you until today.

Daniel Kearney
Canton Mi


From: Militia Movement

You demand the cancelation of his song ?? Pretty bold and brave there scooter. We Americans DEMAND the cancelation of liberal scum and worthless little loud mouthed demorats like you. You pieces of shit can spew whatever you like from your mouths it seems and you will defend it till its death but you can’t accept it when it’s being done by a conservative. Well let me say this , FUCK YOU , FUCK biden , Clinton, Harris pelosi , schummer the jew , nigger bamas , and all the rest of you butt hurt whinny cry baby bitches that have become anti American and are destroying this country. Please feel free to respond if you aren’t to fucking coward to.

Exterminate All democraps and libtards and take America back.


Subject: Leftie Loon

God I love the crying lefty loons like yourself.

Dish it out, but cry the minute you dislike the other side.

A fat bald blogger.  Right?

A never wasbeen, that has been attacked all his life and made the choice to lash out at everything and everyone he attacks.  It shows.

Your angst and petty shit, you wear it well.  With nothing notable but your band of merry malcontents that read your drivel as prose, yet is nothing that will garner you merit as a literary stoic.

So from a white, middle age male, former military asshole, FUCK YOU!






Hi,   Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, Bob.


Leroy Achoy


Cry baby.

James manning


Subject: critics

Haha! “The song hurt muh feels tho!” -you, bitch

il ross


Quick to call for someone to be “cancelled” because you disagree with what they are saying is the epitome of free speech.

As much as you might distain the notion of people being able to voice their opinions openly and freely without fear of consequences this is still america and we will fight for our rights to keep this country free

And like the song says

If you don’t like it there’s the fucking door! God bless the USA

Brigitte Lewis


Subject: bully

Sorry, but you’re a hack, Progressive bully who can’t stand anyone who disagrees with you. Ever hear of the 1st Amendment…or does it only apply to Leftists?! You apparently hate Aaron Lewis because he stands up to haters and would-be culture cancelers like you. I think you are secretly jealous of him and his abilities and talent.

From the looks of you and your writing, I would say you are a  miserable, self-hating loser dating way back to your teenage years. You must have been one of the unpopular geeks wondering how you could exact revenge against those who found you to be creepy and loathsome. You believe in the cancel culture. You probably wish to be the face of it…what a scary thought. I hope you fade away soon into the obscurity you deserve.

Bob Merzoian


Poor baby doesn’t like the song. You’re in a very minuscule minority.  And by the way, no one has ever heard of you.

Paul Paduano


Subject: your mental disorder

Bobby, you typical liberal non-common sense having asshat.. I hope you choke on Aaron Lewis’ guitar pick.. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM… YOU ARE NOBODY.. YOUR OPINION MEANS NOTHING.. You don’t even have a real job, you NUT CASE.

I hope his song goes to #1 for the next year.. and makes your liberal common sense lacking brain bleed!!!

Bo Yeager


Run “little Fat bald bob.“ Run mother fucker, you fat fuck.

Yours Truly

A fan of the 1st and 2nd amendment and Aaron Lewis.

He’s not the only one!!!!!

Be very careful today!

Billy Hyde

(Note: With a picture of my house from Google Street View attached.)

The Sweetness Of Water

This is a really good book.

It’s not the easiest book to read, it doesn’t cut like butter, but it’s far from difficult. And as good as it starts out, it gets better.

I’ve never read a book exactly about this era. I mean there must be some, but I don’t remember reading one. And as much as “The Underground Railroad” has gotten kudos, and it was good, you’ll enjoy “The Sweetness of Water” more. Because you can feel the setting, and it’s all about story, the underlying themes/messages, don’t eclipse the tale.

So what we’ve got here is the south just after the north has won the Civil War. The slaves have been freed and the Confederate troops are walking back home and the law is different, but the thinking remains the same. Ergo the conflict.

And it’s always outsiders who push the envelope. If you’re accepted, if you’re popular, your job is to stay that way, you don’t want to jeopardize your standing in society. But George never thought that way. His father made the money he’s living on, he’s a dilettante, and he’s not open with his feelings, but he rises to the occasion. That’s the measure of character, when something is on the line, when it means something, do you do the right thing?

So what we’ve got is freed slaves who are not really free. They may not be beholden to their masters anymore, living on their property, then again the masters believe they should be, they treat the freed people who’ve absconded as traitors who must come back to them or be ostracized.

So you’re free, you can finally pursue your dreams, but you have no means, no shelter, no money, no food.

And everybody’s got an agenda and everybody’s in everybody’s else’s pocket/business. No one is independent, they’re all tied up with those in power. Which means change can’t happen, but it has. Then again, you read “The Sweetness of Water” and even though it’s a hundred and fifty years later, you can still see the similarities, the prejudices.

I’m loath to tell you any of the plot because that’s the heart of the book, what makes it so good. There are surprises. Not illogical, but in some cases totally unforeseen. And there are many stories. There are main characters, but the peripheral ones are fleshed out too.

So can you beat the system?

Be sure, they don’t want you to. And that’s the case whether it’s human rights or just going against the grain in business. People are entrenched in their feelings, they make them feel better about themselves, and they’re often tied into their economic worth so…

And it’s all about appearances.

Will you be riveted instantly?

No, but you’ll have no desire to put “The Sweetness of Water” down. You’ll be interested, and then about twenty percent in you’ll be hooked and about halfway through you’ll be riveted, you’ll want to know what happens. But unlike lowbrow stuff it isn’t only about what happens, the feelings, the emotions, the questions are right there hitting you in the heart and groin. “The Sweetness of Water” is not just a screenplay, but it would make an excellent movie. Then again, they don’t make movies like this anymore, that are about regular people, not superheroes.

“The Sweetness of Water” could be the new “Color Purple,” but that was thirty five years ago. And shooting something like this…too often filmmakers get the images right, but ultimately lose the feel/the story. Spielberg did a great job with “The Color Purple,” but few can balance a wide canvas and gravitas. Then again, “The Sweetness of Water” would work on a small canvas, not only as a TV series, but one that is more about the characters than the images.

And I mention “The Color Purple” because it was Oprah’s breakthrough (no last name necessary, right?) And “The Sweetness of Water” is an Oprah’s Book Club pick. Oprah started the paradigm, of mass book clubs. They’ve been diluted, but Oprah never picks a loser. And “The Sweetness of Water” is a winner.

And I mention a visual version because so few people read. And when it comes to fiction, too many men don’t, read it that is, they need nonfiction, business books, biographies. But you’ll learn more about people reading “The Sweetness of Water.” It demonstrates how our country was broken back then and is still broken today. Not that it’s a polemic.

Get it. Start it late at night, or on a rainy day. When it’s quiet, with no distractions. “The Sweetness of Water” is not a beach read, it’s a tunnel into a different era, you want no distractions as you go inside. You’ll dig it.

P.S. If only we had an Oprah in the music world.



This show is so whacked that you’ve got to watch the two available episodes just to marvel at the creativity. In a world where everybody just repeats what everybody else does, I’ve never seen a show quite like this.

Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key are doctors who go on a retreat to improve their relationship and end up in a musical. With all the musical tropes. There’s no effort to make it appear like reality, that’s just the point, musicals never are real, I mean who walks down the street and bursts into song?

As for the songs… They’re all brand new and creative…the lyrics trump the melodies, but there are melodies and the words all have meaning and it’s a trip back to the fifties and sixties when music was about musicals and if you couldn’t sing it, they didn’t write and record it.

So, Cecily and Keegan-Michael are alternately wowed and horrified/terrified by the musical they’ve found themselves inside of. Are these people for real? And what about their agendas? Kristin Chenoweth, the preacher’s wife, has banned most of the books from the library and is against living in sin so this couple who’ve been together for years can’t sleep together.

And there’s the bad boy Danny Bailey.

And the mayor, Alan Cumming, who is brilliant, who must spread love and happiness but isn’t always up to being gay, but Cecily wonders, is he gay? And Martin Short plays a leprechaun and…should you really listen to leprechauns?

So, Key is trying to figure out the game whereas Cecily just wants to play along and they can’t escape and…

You’re sitting there howling!

It’s kind of like a Christopher Guest mockumentary, but not really. Because the two main characters aren’t buying it. And the people involved are not delusional. You’re not laughing at them so much as the ridiculous situations.

Now this show is hobbled by being on Apple TV+. In that they’re dribbling out episodes once a week, which is a flawed strategy. Read Rich Greenfield’s take on addiction:

Bottom line, Apple would be better off releasing “Ted Lasso” all at one time. But the people in control at the Cupertino giant, or the Hollywood drones they’ve hired, are so mired in old school thinking that they don’t understand how it works today.

So, will I watch “Ted Lasso” week by week or wait until it’s all over so I can binge?

I’m leaning towards the latter, at least I’ll be able to remember what happens from episode to episode.

This also means I can’t vouch for the entire “Schmigadoon!” series because not only have I only seen two episodes, but I must say the second episode wasn’t quite up to the first.

Too many of the reviews didn’t get the show. They were taking it too seriously. They were busy analyzing it on a macro level whereas it’s on a micro level that it succeeds. Some things are so ridiculous, such spot-on parodies of regular musicals, that you split your sides. And that’s what we’re looking for in comedies, not perfection, but the ability to crack us up on a regular basis enough to make the time worthwhile.

Really, “Schmigadoon!” reminds me of the sixties, when everything was up for grabs, and praise was heaped on those who broke the construct, who engaged their wildest imaginations and blew our minds. Same deal in music. But this was all before big money was involved. Hell, today’s story about Ackman and Universal is bigger than any of the music on the label. It’s about creativity. I have no idea what it took to green light this project, but I hope the creative team didn’t have to jump through too many hoops. You’ve got to give creative people the cash and let them go. If you demand demos, proof, you take the air out of the project. You’ve got to be in a crazy place to create something like “Schmigadoon!,” and if you’re paying for it your goal is to eliminate all distractions and let people go, because then you might end up with something as crazy and deranged yet infectious as “Schmigadoon!”