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tick, tick…BOOM!

Trailer: What does it take to give up? I don’t remember a Christmas when I wasn’t skiing. Well, that’s not true, there was last year, and that year I got cancer, and all those years in between the seventies and 2005 when I was stuck in L.A., wondering what to do with myself when […]

Being The Ricardos

Movies didn’t used to be an event, they used to be a religion. Maybe if you’re young you can understand when I say that movies used to be streaming television, something we all watched and talked about that at its best tested limits and made us think. But movies aren’t like that anymore. Used to […]

The Kennedy Center Honors

There were no youngsters there. That’s what I’ve realized, we’ve become our parents. The boomer favorites are ignored by kids and when we salivate and go to shows they roll their eyes. Then again, this is CBS, the supposed Tiffany Network, the land of oldsters, and in truth no one e-mailed me about the show, […]

Pat Boone-This Week’s Podcast

Pat Boone says the Black artists whose songs he covered thanked him for doing so, it meant money in their bank accounts and career opportunities. Pat grew up in Nashville and found his way as a singer, and after ups and downs he got his big break and… Pat went to college, he had a […]