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Danny Zelisko-This Week’s Podcast

Danny Zelisko has been a concert promoter for nearly fifty years, and except for an interlude working for Live Nation, they’ve all been spent as an independent. Danny’s got a new book, “All Excess,” which details his career in words and pictures. Listen to hear how Danny broke into the Phoenix market and established a […]


My mother died. As Reggie Jackson claimed when he went to the Yankees, she was “the straw that stirred the drink,” she made things happen and people followed her, everyone testified throughout my life how much they loved my mother, but I must say it was not easy being her child, in another lifetime my […]

Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling-This Week’s Podcast

You know Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling as Howard Stern’s old writer/sidekick. Jackie claims to know more jokes than anybody, listen to hear about his journey from yesterday to today, from studying engineering to playing music to doing standup comedy. And he talks about the Stern Show too!

Joy Of My Life

“She’s sweet to me Must be the luckiest man alive Did I tell you baby You are the joy of my life” This is the track, at least on the first play through, second time through the new Chris Stapleton album it’s got stiff competition, but the listening experience to this new LP is positively […]