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Johnny – Spotify Johnny – YouTube I heard this on the Spotify Americana playlist. I’m getting sick of the news podcasts. The big outlets are neutral when more emotion is necessary. And the ball never really moves. So I decided to listen to music. I pulled up my Discover Weekly, and surprisingly, every track was […]

Marc Geiger-This Week’s Podcast

Former worldwide head of music at WME, Marc Geiger has history as an agent, a record company executive and a tech founder. Known as a seer, here Marc dives into the inner workings of the agency business and assesses the concert landscape. Listen for insights into the music industry as well as Geiger’s history, from […]


Maybe you have to know someone who died. Hope. It’s an elusive concept, but you need it to survive. Not blind hope, but a belief based on facts, on odds, on the notion that if you do the right thing events will work out in your favor. But not only your favor, but everybody’s favor. […]

Billboard’s New Chart Rules

Billboard Announces New Chart Rules: No More Merch & Ticket Bundles Who woulda thunk streaming would break the charts? The charts are for the industry. “Billboard” has to play nice or companies will find someone else to provide this information. It wasn’t until 1991 that the charts reflected any modicum of reality. That’s when SoundScan […]