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You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If Trump wins the election, there will be riots in the street. The right believes by countering the protests, by waving the flag of law and order, they’re winning. What they don’t know is decades of tilting the playing field and working the refs has come back to haunt them. […]

Portland Protests Spread

This is what happens when government is out of touch with the people. America slides into fascism and what do the Democrats do? Tell us to wait for the election. The same way they tell us their hands are tied as Covid-19 ravages the nation. Don’t they get it, IT’S NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL! The […]

Peter Green

Peter Green Fleetwood Mac meant little in the U.S. Their singles did not burn up the chart, and in the incarnation that featured Peter Green, there was almost no underground FM radio other than in the metropolis, if that. In other words, getting into Fleetwood Mac was a secret process, via word of mouth, there […]

AOC’s Speech

AOC Gave The Most Important Feminist Speech In A Generation What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where AOC is bigger than any rapper, rocker or country singer? One in which there are a limited number of House seats and AOC knows truth resonates and if you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re […]