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The Stones At The Rose Bowl

They were rough. Until “Sympathy For The Devil.” Sometimes I wish I lived in New York, like last night. Sure, traffic is bad in Manhattan, but you can always take the subway. I read in the “Wall Street Journal” that they expect you to be on time in NYC, whereas in L.A. meetings are always […]

A Tribute To Jerry Weintraub-This Week’s Podcast

A Tribute To Jerry Weintraub, recorded live at the Grammy Museum Thursday, August 14th, featuring John Meglen of Concerts West, Bob Finkelstein of Sinatra Enterprises, Claire Rothman, emeritus GM/VP of the Forum, Peter Jackson, tour manager of the Moody Blues and Eric Clapton, Michael Weintraub and me, as the moderator. Listen for tales of the […]

You’re On Your Own

Don’t wait for help, do it yourself. Just like you can record and distribute yourself, you can promote too. If you’re waiting for a manager to start, don’t. A manager becomes interested when they see money. And at the beginning you’re not generating any. Establish a track record and managers will be interested. Major labels […]

An Artist

Grows. Does not give the audience what it wants, but what he/she wants. Refuses to repeat him/herself. Is interesting in satisfying him/herself, not fans. Are cutting edge, they lead the audience, not vice versa. If someone doesn’t hate what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong. Challenges the audience. Acts on inspiration, not desperation. Runs on […]