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Country Road

We didn’t make beats, we played the guitar. I’m reading this book “The Dog Stars” because I just finished “The River” and I wanted more. They’re both by Peter Heller. Who I found accidentally with “Celine,” but didn’t realize this until I was researching later. I don’t like to recommend books that are not a […]

The Age Of The Individual

This is what the internet has wrought. We’re used to a top-down society. One in which the elite dictate, and the hoi polloi obey. You claw your way to the top and then you’re home free, inviolate. But homey don’t play that no more. Let’s start with the media. It decided which stories would be […]

Go Where You Wanna Go

Could “Echo In The Canyon” bring the Mamas and the Papas back? Stranger things have happened, the Doors emerged from their strange days and waning popularity as a result of Danny Sugerman’s book. And Queen’s legacy was not burning brightly until “Bohemian Rhapsody” was featured in “Wayne’s World.” Hell, I’ll argue the scene in “Reality […]

Andy Slater-This Week’s Podcast

Director of the new film “Echo In The Canyon,” Andy produced albums by Fiona Apple, Macy Gray and the Wallflowers as well as being President of Capitol Records and a manager. Andy tells us how he got here as well as the backstory of the movie. Listen on: iHeart Apple Spotify Stitcher