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That’s the number of albums A Boogie Wit da Hoodie sold last week to enter the chart at number one. And those were downloads, there wasn’t even a physical version. So this ends the debate, everybody bitching about streaming, the war is over. Actually, complaining about music distribution/consumption is so old school. And a consumption […]


I know him. The only other politician I know up close and personal is my old friend Stanton Lesser, the attorney for the Town of Fairfield, then again, that’s not an elected position. John’s wife Robin tracked me down, she’s a subscriber, she works at Liberty, and when they were in town last fall she […]

Secret Weapons-SiriusXM This Week

Marc Reiter, creative majordomo for Metallica, will be joining me tomorrow to analyze and discuss secret weapons. As Marc so eloquently put it: “Secret weapons: Band members who may not have seemed important , but in truth, were indispensable. Once they departed/were kicked out, the band was never the same. Some examples: Michael Anthony (VH) […]

Land Of The Free This is more like it. The right is working the refs. I never see this story in the media, but I experience it every time I mention Trump’s name, the usual suspects inundate me with blowback, putting me down as a “progressive,” telling me about their “facts,” laughing at me. This is not easy […]