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White Room

I rarely practiced. But I think Guy needed the money. At first I took guitar lessons with my sister at some folkie’s house. That’s what you learned back then, Peter, Paul & Mary were kings, or queens. The teacher was a housewife, my mother heard about her through the grapevine. The smaller the community, the […]

35 Days

Now we know how long it takes for our country’s infrastructure to crumble. You know, like in a disaster movie, after the nuclear holocaust, when they run out of bread and water…but in this case it was the flights. Flying is bad enough, now Frontier wants you to tip your flight attendant, but if you […]

Neflix vs. the Oscars

Generational change happens while you’re busy arguing about disruption. Happened in the music business. For over a decade, we heard about piracy, after the advent of Spotify, we heard about streaming payouts, meanwhile the bitchers got older and the users got younger and the paradigm shifted. In music the oldsters have no chance, because they […]

Pledge Music

Fastball can’t get paid. I got a call from their manager Ron Stone today. The band was due their 20k on 1/1, Pledge said to wait a while, they’d dribble it out over time. And then when Ron pushed for the money, Pledge went silent, it’s been three weeks now without a return phone call. […]