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The Chief Fungineer

Tyler was an itinerant drummer from Alaska, switching genres from punk to metal to country to survive. But his wife had rheumatoid arthritis and was suffering in the cold so they moved to Vegas whereupon Tyler’s wife told him she met with someone who was talking about Zappos and she thought it would be a […]

Festival Observations

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MUSIC In today’s everybody is a star world you show up to parade and have your own experience, shoot photographs and laugh with your friends. The longest line I saw all day was to take your picture in front of the “Life Is Beautiful” sign. NO ONE HAS TIME FOR SECOND-RATE […]

Beto O’Rourke

He pointed. That’s one of the first things you learn in media training, not to. You remember Bill Clinton, with his arm outstretched, thumb tucked into his fist, they called him “Slick Willie,” one thing’s for sure, Beto O’Rourke is not slick. We need leaders. And there’s a vacuum in the Democratic Party. And give […]

Greta Van Fleet At The Church Of Rock & Roll

They could save rock and roll. I went to see Natasha Leggero in the Kicker Comedy room. She asked how many women had seen a man masturbate in public. Half of them raised their hands. I think there are more women than men at this festival. And if you’re a girl-watcher, your eyes will bug […]