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“What are your assets as an actor? Your weaknesses. Whatever your fears are, whatever you suck at, that’s what you gotta tap. That’s what people want to see when you’re playing people. They want to see you at your weakest. They don’t want to see some asshole comedian show off. They want to see him […]

Tales From The Tour Bus

This is HYSTERICAL! And INFORMATIVE TOO! If “Tales From The Tour Bus” was on Netflix it would be a juggernaut. Alas, it’s on Cinemax. Distribution is king. Emblazon that in your brain and never forget it. Ignore all the hogwash about Adele and Taylor Swift and their CD sales. By keeping their albums off streaming […]


THE RICH WILL GET RICHER This is what streaming has wrought. The new income has lifted all boats, but the ones of stars much higher than those of the hoi polloi. Used to be a fan bought a star’s album and played it incessantly but there was no more income past the sale. Now every […]

Better Things

They say this is the best TV show of the year. At least some people do. EW I think it was. I’ve got a thing for Pamela Adlon. The way she’s so little yet is willing to take up so much space. I noticed her on that old Louis CK “Honeymooners” style show on HBO, […]