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Macolm Young

“You Shook Me All Night Long.” We don’t have records like this anymore, from unheralded acts that end up being ubiquitous, liked by everyone, living forever. Well, maybe “Despacito” fits this bill, Luis Fonsi has been working in the trenches forever and a lot of people know it and maybe it’s a harbinger of what’s […]

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner

“Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct” Sex is not the only thing they were entitled to. Rock stars created the paradigm. Nobodies who became somebodies who could act with impunity. Prior to this, you had to be rich to get away with it. Fame helped too, but the rock stars […]

I Drank A Coke

I know, I know, it’s illegal, but I did it! As a matter of fact I’m having a Caffeine Free Diet Coke right now! But it’s not the same thing, it’s not the real thing, not like Coke, made with sugar, in a bottle. Soda was a staple growing up. My father owned a liquor […]


I’m not supposed to talk about it. Actually, I asked Martin Sorrell’s permission, actually SIR Martin Sorrell, and he said to run it by him first. Ain’t gonna do that. Actually, I deleted the e-mail the first time through. I’m invited to scores of conferences. I won’t go unless you pay me. Hell, you’re reading […]