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Taylor Swift “Gorgeous”

She should have stayed country. In the world of pop you live and die by the hit. In Nashville once you’ve made your bones you’re a star forever. You see Taylor miscalculated. She put out a pop album when hip-hop rules. Doubt me? Check out the Spotify Top 50, where “Gorgeous” is only #6. Sure, […]


OLD Believes in the album. YOUNG Believes in the single. It’s all about the track, if you like something you go deeper, it’s about a body of work, click on an act in Spotify and you find what’s most popular and you check that out, assuming you care, and many people don’t, especially in hip-hop, […]

George Young

George Young – Spotify 1 Walking down the street Kicking cans New wave was the hip-hop of its day, something new to wipe out everything that came before it, new wave grew out of punk, which didn’t fully break through until the nineties with Nirvana, but new wave triumphed in the late seventies and blew […]

More CT (And NY!)

We went to Storm King. I told you my mother was a culture vulture. You need to have plans, you need to DO something, watching television during the day was illegal in our house, as is staying home and relaxing. But when we get back from the day’s activities my mother does have a stiff […]