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Niall Horan At The Palladium

Richard told me it was an UNDERPLAY! I sauntered into the Palladium expecting attendance to be sparse and the people who were there to be kids. But the place was packed and those in attendance were way past puberty, not that there was not screaming involved, but average age was 19 or 20, what was […]

More Mighty

Mighty It works! Now I grew up in the dark ages. When music ruled the world, our idea of tech was a component stereo and nobody I knew applied to business school. So today I drove today to Culver City to the Mighty offices. Well, “office,” in a loft above another startup, in the Helms […]


Everyone just wants to talk television. Everywhere I go. They used to ask if you’d heard this or that, records and artists were top of mind, now we all just want to sit in front of the big screen. And not go to the theatre. I’d love to see Darren Aronofsky’s new pic. But if […]

Yoga Pants

I get it. I read about a year ago that yoga pants were eclipsing jeans, that’s what “Bloomberg Businessweek” said, and they rarely get it wrong. This was confusing. Wasn’t Lululemon on the verge of bankruptcy, having made clothing that was too sheer, where you could see women’s derrieres? Although I always found stretchy material […]