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Trumpcare Fails

This is what happens when entertainment abdicates its responsibility. Reality triumphs. The movie business is in decline, the China it depended upon has sputtered, if it weren’t for increased prices grosses would have tanked. And this is a result of the studios giving the public what it thinks it wants. Nobody knows what the public […]

The Bob Dylan Interview

The Bob Dylan Interview Q&A with Bill Flanagan Mar 22, 2017 Exclusive to Won’t get anybody to listen to the music. Actually, all you need to know is revealed in the answer wherein he says he listens to music on CDs. The plastic discs were supposed to be an improvement on vinyl, permanent and […]

Bad Judgment

I went to Park City to go powder skiing. It started out as a group of eleven, all fired up to ride the cat in the backcountry, but as the temperature rose and the snow melted the participants dropped out one by one until there were only six of us left. And five of them […]


I don’t understand it. Oh, I know it makes the world go-round, they used to say that about love but I know it’s about cash. And I know you need a job to pay your bills, that we live in an exchange economy, you use your salary to put a roof over your head and […]