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John Mayer

Was in the process of destroying his career. First there was that “Playboy” interview. Then the “relationship” with Taylor Swift and the resulting bite-back song. Then the firing of his long term manager for a newer au courant one responsible for hits, which Mayer so desperately desired, wanting to emulate the success of his younger […]

The Gold Doubloons

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t want to stay in the hotel room. If I’m in a foreign country I want to be out and about, eating up the scenery, drinking up the difference, because it won’t be long before I’m back home. So after Stuart took me on the Van Morrison tour, I […]

The Warren Buffett Documentary

Becoming Warren Buffett They broke the mold. You watch these documentaries so you can be like them, pick up little tips that will help you on the path to success. But watching this film you realize Buffett is the other, a sui generis businessman who in many ways is unique yet ultimately is no different […]

Larry Wilmore On Bill Maher

MILO Confronts the Panel | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO) If Jimmy Carter is our best ex-President… Larry Wilmore is our best ex-talk show host. I’m a fan of Jon Stewart but I rarely watched the “Daily Show.” However I’m addicted to John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” wherein the British comedian speaks truth to power […]